Numerical validation of a design methodology for cross-flow turbine type Michell-Banki



Palabras clave:

Turbomachines, pico-hydroelectric, efficiency, CFD


The aim of this study is to validate, by means of CFD simulation, the effectiveness of a new design methodology formed of a set of updated equations, which allows the design of each of the MBT components to improve its efficiency. In this study, a rigorous investigation of the MBT literature was carried out, where the most influential design parameters and equations in maximum efficiency were determined. Finally, the design of the MBT is carried out with the most relevant equations found in the literature and the design of the MBT is validated by fluid-dynamic tests. It is concluded that the proposed methodology for the design of the MBT can reach efficiencies up to 83 %, which is satisfactory to solve the lack of complete design methods for the sizing of the different components of the MBT (nozzle, runner and housing), according to the flow conditions of the installation site.